75-Hour Trip: Fan Visits Every Disney Park

Seattleite Christopher Wing started his around-the-planet journey in Anaheim.

It's right around the beginning of May when some devoted Disneyland regulars get down to the business of setting a few important summer #goals. 

For instance, how many times can a person ride the Matterhorn Bobsleds over the course of a 16-hour day? (Answer: Probably at least two dozen, factoring in bathroom breaks, meals, and parade-watching, if the person frequents the single-rider line.)

Of course, Disney-based goals can stretch beyond a day, and even a single theme park.

Look to Christopher Wing, a Seattle-based Disney buff, for inspiration. Nope, he didn't just take on one attraction over the course of a day. Rather, Mr. Wing visited every Disney park on the planet in one long, plane-tastic, stay-mostly-awake stretch.

It took the theme park adventurer under 80 hours, in fact. (Should you want to think of his Mouse-major plan as a contemporary adventure akin to Jules Verne's "Around the World in 80 Days," well then, go for it.)

But Phileas Fogg didn't start his 19th-century jaunt in Anaheim, like Mr. Wing did at the very beginning of April 2016.

From Disneyland Resort, where he visited both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, Mr. Wing took wing for Florida, where he called upon the quartet of Walt Disney World Resort parks in Orlando.

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Disneyland Paris followed, then Hong Kong Disneyland, then Tokyo Disney Resort, with a return to Disneyland at juuuust about 75 hours after the clock started ticking.

If your first question "but did he ride something in every park?" the answer is "yes, he did." (Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was his pick at the Happiest Place on Earth.)

Mr. Wing's grand 'n Goofy dream truly has a way of upping any fan's Disneyland ambitions. Remember the couple who visited Disneyland every day in 2012? Which made for 366 days in a row, as 2012 was a leap year?

Mickey mavens do bring the popcorn-scented passion when they get a notion as big as Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

Mr. Wing's big notion has a Disney-cute title -- "Mouse Around the World" -- and details on how he mapped out his trip and made it happen (including, of course, the funds) can be viewed at his site.

Want a peek at the process, Disneyians? There are videos, natch, including this one shared on the Disneyland blog:

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