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Celebrate DOGust, the Sweet Birthday Bash for Shelter Pups

There's still time to shower your sweetheart in treats, cuddles, and birthday-beautiful attention.


What to Know

  • August has several dog-themed holidays, including DOGust on Aug. 1 and National Dog Day on Aug. 26
  • The Wallis Annenberg PetSpace celebrates DOGust on Aug. 28 in Playa Vista (sold out)
  • A Clear the Shelters adoption event is happening at Pasadena Humane on Aug. 28; all adoption fees will be waived

Choosing a birthday for your shelter pup after the adoption papers have been signed and you happily make your way home together?

You might go with the date already assigned to your new friend, the one that the hardworking staffers decided upon when your dog first entered the shelter.

You could go with your own birthday, or the birthday of a loved one, knowing that a number of double celebrations are in your future.

Or you could alight upon Aug. 26 for your rescue hound's birthday, which seems like a sweet and celebratory choice. (The date is easy to remember: It's National Dog Day.)

But here's something worth arf-arf-ing over: The day of DOGust starts August, and if you're not familiar with the holiday, then trot in the direction of this easy explanation now: Aug. 1 is when we paws, er, pause to honor the birthdays of all shelter dogs everywhere.

Of course, you could extend that DOGust feeling throughout the month, making each day in August a little special for your four-footed, wet-nosed companion.

Or you could choose another August occasion for her birthday, if that suits you. We are, after all, in the so-called dog days of summer.

Which means that DOGust parties have been popping up, including one that's just ahead at the Wallis Annenberg PetSpace on Aug. 28.

That get-together just sold out, but finding inspiration in its spirit? We can do that as we find festive ways to mark our shelter dog's birthday.

But what if you don't yet share a life with a shelter dog? You can begin that joyful journey, at pretty much any moment of the year.

And as August ends and September begins, that moment has been made even easier, thanks to the Clear the Shelters campaign from NBC4 and Telemundo.

Since spots at the Playa Vista party are now fully booked, why not stop by Pasadena Humane on Aug. 28, where a Clear the Shelters event is happening?

All adoption fees will be waived. Sweet.

So what birthday will you give to you a dog you hope to adopt? Aug. 1, also known as DOGust? National Dog Day, which is Aug. 26? Or another date that means a lot in your world?

Pull out your calendar now, canine-obsessed people, and start planning.

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