A 10-Day Foodie Fest Fêtes Women-Owned Restaurants

Regarding Her (RE:Her) puts the spotlight on a host of excellent local eateries, with "meal kits, collabs" and more terrificness in store.


What to Know

  • Regarding Her (RE:Her)
  • The charitable organization's inaugural festival runs Jan. 21-30, 2021
  • Meal kits, cool collaborations, special dishes, and more is on the plate

Charitable organizations do so much important work in our community, with every group representing a host of good-hearted goals, the sort of directives that help to raise local spirits, and the general local vibe, so much higher.

Regarding Her, or RE:Her, if you prefer, is doing just that by putting the celebratory focus on the women-led restaurants of Southern California.

And for nearly the whole final third of January 2021, that focus with transform into a festivity, thanks to a full-on, enjoy-at-home, raise-that-vibe festival.

Dining at a restaurant in Los Angeles?

That's not happening during the duration of the festival, which runs from Jan. 21 through the 30.

But there will be online happenings to enjoy during the ten-day span.

And, of course, ordering from a participating woman-owned restaurant, and choosing either delivery or pick-up, is encouraged.

There'll be a line-up of special dishes and drinks to choose from, so check the event schedule before you order.

Perusing the schedule? You'll find "... unique collaborations with other female chefs, thematic menus, one-on-one conversations among female industry leaders, and much more."

Highlights are plentiful, flavorful, and full of collaborative cool.

On Jan. 26, TaHOTcos and TaHOTquitos, piquant creations from Kim Prince's Hotville Chicken, will pop up at Socalo for $4.50 each. Call it a caliente collaboration, one that certainly fits the Taco Tuesday theme we all know and obsess over (yep, Jan. 26 is a Tuesday).

Other notable temptations to scroll through and alight upon include special Champagne cocktails, plant-based Italian meals, bags brimming with cookies, and a stay-at-home pasta kit.

You can find the feasty things, specials, and events by neighborhood on this page, so search in your area and see if the eateries you adore are participating.

But better yet? You can find a new chef or owner to cheer on, to support through the coming years, and to follow during these hard times, and, yes, the better times to come.

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