A Beloved Art Walk Is Brewing as a Virtual Celebration

It's the Brewery Art Walk, of course. Check in with dozens of artists, and see what they're working on, during the free online affair.

Steve Payne

What to Know

  • Oct. 24 and 25, 2020
  • 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. (two "tours" per morning and afternoon)
  • Various artists will appear on the the Zoom happening

The chance to eye interesting art that's displayed inside a museum is a deep and true pleasure, a gift to the mind and soul.

But eyeing art that's actually inside the artist's studio or apartment?

That rare moment takes on an entirely different dimension, for the viewer has, in a way, stepped inside the mind of the creator, or at least the space that enfolds the artist while he works.

There are very few ways to find this particularly intimate and intriguing experience, but Los Angeles has long been home to a large-scale, get-closer gathering that provides just that somewhat offbeat and always enjoyable opportunity.

It's the Brewery Art Walk, the twice-a-year event that shines a light on the canvases, sculptures, and installations at the Brewery Arts Complex in Lincoln Heights.

The historic 16-acre campus, a former Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery, has served as the home, or professional home base, to hundreds of artists for nearly 40 years.

And over the last few decades, "the world's largest complex" has gained a reputation for welcoming guests to step inside over an art-packed springtime weekend, as well as one in the fall. Once there, guests are encouraged to stroll, explore, visit studios, and chat with a host of innovative artists, all for free.

"Innovation" is certainly the key word in 2020, which means that the in-person event scheduled for late October is now popping up as a Zoom-based bash.

Prepare to roam from home, and meet several Brewery-based painters, photographers, sculptors, and other imaginative makers, on Oct. 24 and 25.

There will be two morning tours each day, and two in the afternoon, so deciding which you'd like to join will be a first step. And, for sure: You're invited to join as many tours as you'd like.

It's been a year of challenges and changes, but artists have always been at the forefront for helping society understand the larger picture, unseen trends, and how we can better connect with each other during difficult times.

Connecting with several LA artists over an uplifting, art-forward weekend feels like both a balm and inspiration.

It's free, too, so sign up soon and plan to be with the Brewery crew, even if you're not at the Brewery Arts Complex this time around.

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