A Beloved Pumpkin Patch Will Sprout in Irvine

Tanaka Farms announced that its autumn tradition is on in 2020. Also? There's a Scarecrow Contest afoot, too.

Alexander Spatari

What to Know

  • Irvine
  • No dates revealed for the pumpkin patch yet, but watch the social pages for the farm
  • There's a Scarecrow Contest happening in 2020, too

So you decided to really coax some spectacular fruits and vegetables from your backyard in recent months. The tomatoes are bursting, the squashes are bigger than you thought they might be, and the berries? Small but tasty, for sure.

And how are those pumpkins coming? You might be seeing some promising leaf action, and the kids might already be talking about what sort of jack o'lanterns they intend to create.

But fret not if a giant pumpkin vine didn't fit into your 2020 garden plans, for the pumpkin patch at Tanaka Farms in Irvine, one of Southern California's best-known seasonal destinations, will return.

In fact, the farm, which is currently open and selling all sorts of produce, just posted a picture of its growing pumpkin plants, an uplifting window into what is ahead for autumn.

"Tanaka Farms here already prepping for the fall season! Our pumpkins are officially starting to show up and we couldn’t be more thrilled!" shared the enthusiastic post. "Anyone else excited for our pumpkins?"

There's a Scarecrow Contest, too, and if your fanciful fall figure is picked, it will be displayed on the Tanaka Farms property, right at the patch.

Cool beans, or perhaps we mean "cool seeds" here.

For the seedy superstars of September and October are sprouting, and there will be places to purchase pumpkins in 2020.

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