A Drive-Thru Candyverse Will Sweeten SoCal's Springtime

"(C)olorful installations, oversized displays, unique performances" and more merriment will festoon a tasty to-do in Woodland Hills.

Sugar Rush

What to Know

  • March 26-April 25, 2021 (3 to 10 p.m.)
  • $75 general, $200 VIP
  • Installations, displays, and more, all themed to confections and treats

Coming across a piece of candy while inside a car?

That happens with some frequency, especially if you possess a tooth that is known to be on the sweet side.

It might be a lollipop you stashed for a long ride (look for it in the console), the lemon sours you placed on the backseat for the drive home from the grocery store (just make sure the bag is closed, or they'll roll around), or the melty can of chocolate-y nuts you forgot in your glove box.

But seeing these goodies outside of the windshield, all lit up in dazzling hues?

You might spy such a sight, now and then, on a billboard, but entering a world of ethereal and uplifting candy happiness can only take place in Woodland Hills over one brightly imagined spring month.

For Sugar Rush LA, a drive-thru experience, will be giving people inside their cars a chance to roll through a whimsical wonderland that takes its appetizing inspiration from the candy aisle.

But these won't be tiny pieces of gum and diminutive delectables you'll be driving by; rather, the candy, and candy-inspired art, is mega-sized and meant to be eye-popping.

If you called upon Haunt O'Ween in Woodland Hills last October or the WonderLand over the holidays, you know the world-building work of the Experiential Supply Co., which is also behind Sugar Rush LA.

That $75 ticket?

It covers your vehicle, and, yes, some actual candy, too, the kind of confections you and the family can munch upon as you move at a stately pace by the installations.

Though perhaps "at the pace of syrup" is more apt in this fun-flavored situation.

And good to know, if you really have to commune with the candy and quick? There's a VIP option, too, if you're looking to get inside the picturesque world faster.

As far as what you'll see as you find your own sugar rush inside your auto?

"Multiple routes are flooded with colorful installations, oversized displays, unique performances, immersive tunnels, and candy-powered interactions," promises the experience, as well as this tantalizing twist: You'll be able to "... dictate the journey along the way!"

For more information on this candy-tastic expanse of escapism and sweet-toothery, follow the swirly hues to Sugar Rush LA's happy headquarters now.

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