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A Famous Fright Film Will Flicker at Halloween Horror Nights

Michael Myers will materialize in a walk-through "Halloween" haunted house (cue the synthesizers).

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  • A Halloween Horror Nights haunted house will revisit "Halloween," a seminal work of scary cinema
  • "Halloween" has had numerous sequels, but the 2022 experience is based on the 1978 film
  • Halloween Horror Nights opens at Universal Studios Hollywood on Sept. 8

So you say that your sphere has gotten more synth-y in recent weeks?

This isn't surprising: The distinctive vibe of the late 1970s and early '80s seem to be floating in the ether, having a comeback, or impacting more than a few pop culture trends, from movies to music.

And at the heart of what we're enjoying? Electronic notes, forming the sorts of stylish songs that frequently set us on the edge of our cinema seats.

Of course, you can't discuss lingering at the edge of your movie seat without discussing the synth'd-out theme to "Halloween," a dastardly ditty fashioned by John Carpenter, the director of the terrifying 1978 film.

Just the first few notes can instill fright, much like the first sighting of the house at the center of the film, the one where a young Michael Myers lived, can prompt even a devoted horror fan to grip a theater chair's arm.

And what are those synth sounds now hailing from Universal Studios Hollywood?

Oh dear: Michael Myers will be returning to his own haunted house when Halloween Horror Nights commences its wicked run on Sept. 8, 2022.

The theme park just revealed its newest upcoming experience on June 7.

But this "newest" announcement has vintage vibes, as well-loved as a pair of '70s-style blue jeans.

For while various "Halloween" incarnations have materialized at the famous fall fright fest over the years, with numerous haunted houses paying tribute to several sequels, the 2022 experience is very much about the first film, when Laurie Strode set out for a night of babysitting and found herself face-to-face with the infamous Shape.

A ticket to Halloween Horror Nights?

They're not available quite yet, but now that we're deeper into June, you can bet that admissions to the multi-night spectacular, which concludes on Oct. 31, will soon be on sale.

Lurking, now and then, by the Halloween Horror Nights site?

That's a good and ghoulish idea, especially if you'd like more information on one of Southern California's most sizable, and scary, seasonal events.

Is that a synthesizer we hear in the near distance..? The chills are beginning, even in the heat of summer.

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