Long Beach

A Free Aquarium Event Spotlights Beasties of the Deep

Photographer Mike Bartick's astounding underwater images will be a focal point of the convivial meet-up.

Mike Bartick

What to Know

  • Wednesday, Aug. 3 at 7 p.m.
  • Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach
  • Free; RSVP required; a photography lecture, cocktails for purchase, music, more

Rude? We try not to be, especially when it comes to gently asking certain earthlings to come to the foreground, all so we may admire them better.

In short: We'd never demand that a Tripodfish or Monstrosa Shrimp step into the spotlight, for these dwellers of the deep are rather fond of the dim environs they inhabit.

But putting pictures of these wondrous creatures in the proverbial spotlight is something rather different, and that's just what the Aquarium of the Pacific will do on the first Wednesday in August, all to celebrate the critter-filled catalog of underwater photographer and videographer Mike Bartick.

"During his talk Bartick will share information and his images of zooplankton and gelatinous creatures, including blanket octopus, deep water squid, larval fish, and other mysterious denizens of the deep," reveals the aquarium.

Swim by some of the photographer's stunning snapshots below, and learn how you can attend the free soirée, which will include cocktails for purchase, music, and oodles of aquatic awesomeness.

The place to savor all of this pictorial, well-beneath-the-waves majesty? Dive for the Honda Pacific Visions Theater, which is located at the Long Beach-based aquarium.

And when you resurface? Be sure to keep watch on the institution's First Wednesdays programs, which feature all sorts of fascinating lectures about the Big Water and its remarkable inhabitants.

Tripodfish (credit: Mike Bartick)
Blanket octopus (credit: Mike Bartick)
Jellies will make cameos in the colorful photographs. (credit: Mike Bartick)
A mysterious squid (credit: Mike Bartick)
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