Father's Day

A Free Father's Day Car Rally Revs in Beverly Hills

Dream machines, sleek roadsters, and elegant autos aplenty will be on the roll during the Beverly Hills Tour D'Elegance.

Father's Day Car Rally

What to Know

  • Sunday, June 20 from 10-11 a.m.
  • Over 50 cars are expected to participate in the Beverly Hills Tour D'Elegance
  • The event will honor the Beverly Hills Fire and Police departments

Spying a shiny, bespoke, and "wow"-eliciting automobile purring along the streets of the Golden Triangle?

That's pretty much a daily occurrence, as anyone who has strolled along Rodeo Drive, and kept an eye on the magnificent machines rolling by, can tell you.

But the opportunity to admire dozens of luxe'd-out, super-rare, pull-out-your-camera cars in that very spot only comes around every so often.

And by "every so often" we're most definitely talking about Father's Day, an occasion that has long found auto-obsessed dads and their broods calling upon Beverly Hills for a close-up look at ultra-fine roadsters, cool convertibles, and top-tier rides.

That tradition will return, with a big change-up, on Sunday, June 20 as a Father's Day Car Rally hums through the tony town.

And by "hums through the tony town" we do mean this: The cars will be on the move, and not parked, so if you're recalling years gone by when you circled various vehicles on foot, leaning in to study every last detail, you'll want to keep in mind that 2021 will have a different approach.

Still, you'll be able to admire "(o)ver 50 of the world’s rarest and most exciting cars," from your vantage point on the sidewalk, as the cars slowly and grandly move through the picturesque lanes of the posh area. Prepare to behold fancy Ferraris and regal Rolls Royces, as well as a host of opulent autos with the sort of gleaming hood ornaments that regularly appear on the covers of magazines.

Adding to the upscale allure of the hour-long event, which begins at 10 in the morning on Father's Day?

The cars will be "... driven by notable individuals from film and entertainment, top collectors and city officials."

And here's the moving heart of the holiday happening: Local first responders in the Beverly Hills Fire and Police departments are the 2021 honorees.

Bruce Meyer, the co-founder of the Petersen Automotive Museum and a host of the free event, shared this on the rally's site: "We were all set for the Concours last year and then the pandemic hit and we had to cancel it."

"The Rodeo Drive Concours team has planned the 2021 event with safety as the top priority. Our goal is to carry on the tradition of a Father's Day car spectacle without drawing crowds to a central location so enthusiasts all over the City can watch the action along the length of the route from different vantage points."

"The result is the Beverly Hills Tour d’Elegance — a rally in motion, unlike any other, with the finest automobiles in the world touring the City's most iconic landmarks, among them Rodeo Drive."

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