A Free-to-Enter Fair Food Drive-Thru Added New Dates

Cotton candy, deep-fried Oreos, giant turkey legs: This Rose Bowl pop-up is serving the fun-eating tastes of summer during the final days of winter.

Bruce Twitchell/EyeEm/Pannonia/raksybH

What to Know

  • March 5-7 and March 12-14
  • Onion rings, kettle corn, and other fair classics served in a drive-thru setting
  • Book an online ticket and receive a free miniature funnel cake

The only way to make summer meet winter is to take a paper calendar and proceed to make a few crafty folds, concluding when the two seasons finally touch.

But there are other ways to find summer-style touchstones before winter ends, and it doesn't involve folding calendar pages or changing the order of the months via a visit to the space-time continuum.

Rather, a visit to Rose Bowl Stadium should do the trick, for the Fair Foodie Fest, a pop-up drive-thru, just extended its run by two weekends.

And those dates?

They happen to be in the early and middle part of March, specifically March 5-7 and March 12-14, meaning that, yes, you can have summer-classic cuisine before winter officially wraps up.

That cuisine includes cheese bacon curly fries, funnel cakes, cotton candy, and Krispy Kreme donut cheeseburgers.

And for a fruit-meets-savory flavor? Hawaiian chicken teriyaki pineapple bowls are available, too. And yes, the bowl is actually and truly a half pineapple.

If you book an online ticket, you'll be treated to a complimentary mini funnel cake.

Keep in mind that you'll need to buy your food and be on your way; there's no dining at the drive-thru, even in your car.

It's all contact-less, and there are other safety must-knows before you go, so read up now.

Summer is on fairly fast approach, with springtime landing in a fortnight. But you can still find summery snacking in winter by taking a safe, stay-in-your-car spin through this free-to-enter fair food fest.

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