A Haunted Drive-Thru Is Rolling for Orange County

The stay-in-your-car experience will eek out, all October long, at the OC Fair & Event Center.


What to Know

  • "Urban Legends of Southern California"
  • Oct. 1-Nov. 1 at the OC Fair & Event Center
  • Early bird pricing starts at $49.99/Wednesdays (per vehicle)

How many times have you warbled along with "Monster Mash" in your car, or sung to the soundtrack to "The Nightmare Before Christmas"?

Have you hopped in your vehicle to run by the store for more trick-or-treating candy? To visit a costume shop? To cruise by your friend's yard haunt?

Then you've already vroom-vroom'd in the direction of eeky, spooky, scary fun.

But what if you actually were able to move through a haunted experience, at a slow roll, all while bone-chilling scenes play out alongside your vehicle?

Then you'd be experiencing quite a different dimension of car-creepy fun, one that has been created for Halloween 2020. For the hauntingest holiday on the calendar? It's looking rather different this year, due to the pandemic.

Several theme park happenings, including the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor and Knott's Scary Farm, have been canceled, and other Halloween-style events are postponing to 2021.

But not everything seasonal has been put on hold, for "Urban Legends of Southern California," an in-car experience, will set up spine-tingling shop at the OC Fair & Event Center from Oct. 1 through Nov. 1, 2020.

And when we say "in-car," well, that means you're in a car, not the monsters. They'll be lurking outside, oh phew, as monsters often do.

Look also for a trio of "interactive show zones" and lights, special effects, and other themed bedazzlement.

As for the imaginative minds behind this different expression of a haunted adventure?

"The producers behind Winter Fest OC, Southern California's annual holiday tradition, and the previous Creative Director and Producer of Queen Mary's Dark Harbor, have teamed up to develop an innovative and safe way for Halloween revelers and scare seekers to experience the thrills and chills of Halloween, while safely social distancing," revealed a recent release.

"This immersive drive-thru terror experience will have guests scrambling to lock their car doors…until they realize that they're trapped inside!"

Tickets, which should be purchased in advance, will be timed, guests will remain inside their vehicles, and select nights will feature early bird prices.

Physical distancing will be practiced by the performers, and numerous safety guidelines will be followed throughout the experience. Do read all before purchasing your ticket.

It's a fresh and frightful way to approach an autumn classic, the haunted outing.

But after the resurgence of drive-in movies and concerts over the summer, Halloween lovers may have a few car-based options in store as autumn bestows its welcome chill.

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