A Mac & Cheese Flight Is Getting Gooey in Studio City

Try a trio of cheesy gooey grubbables, in honor of National Mac & Cheese Day, at Hyperion Public.

What to Know

  • Studio City
  • Sunday, July 14
  • $18 flight

Ordered a wine flight in recent years?

You may have sipped a chardonnay, and quaffed a cabernet, and ruminated over a rosé, all in one flavorful swoop.

Not dissimilarly, a beer flight can give a person the chance to try some of a hearty stout, and an IPA, too, plus a fresh seasonal brew.

But, alas: Flights, as a sample-this-sample-that concept, tend to feature beverages and not bites, as a general rule, though that continues to change for the better.

Exhibit A? Hyperion Public in Studio City will celebrate National Mac & Cheese Day by offering a flight of gourmet mac & cheese dishes. 

The date of National Mac & Cheese Day?

It's Sunday, July 14, of course, and whether your blue-boxing it at home, or looking for something fancy and piled with toppings, is up to your mac-tastic cravings.

In your mac & cheese flight?

Austin Love, which boasts smoked BBQ brisket as well as coleslaw, Buffalo Chicken (yep, there's a celery element), and Mac and 4 Cheese, which, yes, rocks a quartet of gooey classic fromages.

The whole spoonable shebang is $18, giving you good tastes of three different maccies for what a large dish of the stuff, in most places, would typically run.

And, yep: Hyperion Public is a public house, meaning there shall be plentiful pub libations to go with your goo-good feast, if you have a hankering.

One new offering for the summer of '19? The Strawberry Letter #23, which is made with "... Epsolon tequila reposado, elderflower liqueur, angostura bitters, muddled strawberries & mint, simple syrup, and lime juice.

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