A Mad Tea Party Is Brewing at Muzeo

Don your Alice-tastic best and reserve a seat at the Anaheim affair.

What to Know

  • Saturday, Aug. 25
  • Anaheim
  • $50 adult, $25 kid

It's not every day of the year, or even a decade, that we're able to discuss the great questions of life through a prism of surreal storytelling.

As for speaking in verse? Or wearing gargantuan top hats? Or pinafores and bows? Those delightful things are also somewhat beyond the bounds of everyday life.

But, sometimes, life can journey down a rabbit hole, or through the looking glass, and you can find yourself at the sort of event which encourages all manner of quirky attire and literary know-a-tude and Carroll-esque conversation.

Such an event is brewing, like tea leaves in a fancy teapot, at Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center in Anaheim, a spot that's embraced dress-up opportunities in recent years. And one is ahead, on Saturday, Aug. 25, and the name tells all: We're All Mad Here.

The "Tea Party and Make Believe" party will be placed within the setting the museum's current show, "Ghost Stories and Fairy Tales."

That means over-sized mushrooms and flowers and a "kaleidoscopic multicolored glow" will lend the proceedings panache, fantasy, and beauty.

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"Curiouser and curiouser costumes are encouraged!," recommends the museum, so best find your Caterpillar get-up, or a White Rabbit waistcoat and pocketwatch, pronto.

A ticket?

If you're a grown-up, but, of course, a forever fan of fairy tales, your entry to the sweet-filled, tea-tastic gathering is $50. A child's admission is $25.

No need to fall down a rabbit hole, in reality, to reach Muzeo. It's at 241 S. Anaheim Boulevard in the city of Anaheim.

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