A Mega ‘Coral Reefs' Exhibit Will Relaunch in Long Beach

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Robin Riggs
Hello, dear zebra shark. We'll see you at "Coral Reefs: Nature's Underwater Cities," which celebrates the "beauty and diversity of coral reefs."
Aquarium of the Pacific
You can find the exhibit in the aquarium's Tropical Pacific Gallery, starting on May 28.
Robin Riggs
A ultra-cool cownose ray takes "flight" under the water's surface.
Robin Riggs
There are a number of sharks in the show, including a beautiful bonnethead shark.
Robin Riggs
A colorful school of small fishes weave in and out of the coral.
Robin Riggs
Eager to behold the animals of the exhibit, like this eagle ray? You'll want to make advance tickets before visiting, due to limited visitor capacity.
Aquarium of the Pacific
"Exhibits include a coral lagoon habitat functioning as a nursery for young fish, an exhibit with corals confiscated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, an exhibit of coral eaters such as parrotfish, an exhibit highlighting bioluminescent and fluorescent animals on coral reefs, and more." Pictured: a parrotfish.
Robin Riggs
Even above-the-water animals, like this red-footed booby, get their due in the exhibit.
Ken Kurtis
Follow this handsome sea turtle the Aquarium of the Pacific site now for more information on this multi-month, multi-animal, super-fascinating plunge into the glory of our planet's coral reefs.
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