A Month of Big Sundays: Join Now

The volunteer-cool weekend now encompasses a full 31-day stretch.

If the first weekend in May makes you recall the Big Sunday events you've participated in over the years, from the planting of trees to spiffying-up schools through fresh paint, you likely know that the give-back weekend has become a whole, entire, support-our-community, give-back month.

Big Sunday, which started in 1999, transformed into Big Sunday Weekend, which then become A Month of Big Sundays in 2016. It still occurs May, meaning all of the help-others-out efforts are now underway around LA and the wider region, efforts that are going down on the weekdays as well as the weekends. 

"Connect Through Helping" is the kindness-infused motto, and there are multiple ways to do that, from painting and planting at Laurel Span School to cooking and serving dinner at The Ronald McDonald House.

Pitching in to spruce up the Antelope Valley Boys and Girls Club, prepping and packing meals at Project Angel Food, and joining an effort to write letters to troops as part of Operation Gratitude.

Not every event is happening every day of May, but all the days of the month have something going on, save one, so you can definitely jump into two or three volunteer-awesome gatherings, if you have the time and you're so inclined.

And a Month of Big Sundays really does tap inclination, the desire to give support and comfort while being a part of the larger, caring community. Check out the calendar now, and see why this former day, then weekend, now month-long give-back celebration is one of the largest, most loving, and lend-a-hand-iest efforts around.

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