A Munchkins Giveaway Is What We Want, Please and Thanks

Dunkin' and DoorDash have tastily teamed up on a limited-time delivery deal


What to Know

  • Through Sept. 21
  • Order through DoorDash, spend $10 or more on Dunkin', and receive a box of 25 free Munchkins Donut Hole Treats
  • Delivery fee waived

Is pouring over a box of warm Munchkins the same as searching for your favorite chocolate in a sampler or just the right nut in a nut bowl?

Choosing is always the tricky part, but if you're into jelly-in-the-middle Munchkins, you're going to search for a filled goodie, while if you're more of a traditionalist you'll likely grab a glazed.

Every doughnut lover likely has a favorite Munchkin Donut Hole Treat, a smaller style of sweet that is as iconic as the classic ring-shaped pastry.

They're found at Dunkin', as they have been for decades, but enjoying saving money on Munchkins doesn't happen every day.

But you can do just that, through Sept. 21, 2020, thanks to a new Dunkin' pair-up with DoorDash.

The deal? Here's the tempting word: "(A)nyone who spends $10 or more on Dunkin’ through DoorDash will be eligible for a free 25-count box of Dunkin’s delicious MUNCHKINS®Donut Hole Treats and a $0 delivery fee."

The deal is valid at over 3,500 Dunkin' locations nationwide. Just head to DoorDashDunkinMatch.com to find the perfect Dunkin’ drink to pair with your Munchkins donut hole treat.

How will you even begin to choose when you've got 25 Munchkins before your Munchkin-loving eyes? We know, we know: You're going for the jelly centers first. Or maybe that's just us.

Mindy Kaling, who grew up in Boston (a town synonymous with Dunkin' delectables), made the reveal about the deal on her Instagram page.

Munchkin mavens, the weather will finally grow a bit cooler in the coming days, meaning Doughnut Weather (tm) may finally be deliciously descending upon us, and thank goodness.

Sweaters, scarves, and small doughnuts, here we come.

Which Munchkin will you choose first, to celebrate that fact with? Glazed, chocolate, jelly-filled?

Thank goodness they're the size of doughnut holes, meaning all three can be enjoyed in one snacky sitting.

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