A New ‘Immersive Online Adventure' Honors the LA River

"Rio Records" ponders "... the past, present and future" of the iconic waterway in an avant garde, think-bigger, joyfully theatric presentation.

Rio Reveals

What to Know

  • Jan. 7-Feb. 7, 2021 (select dates)
  • Tickets start at $25
  • 70 minutes

Communing with a body of water on a deeper and truer level?

Right now somebody, though surely many more, is doing just that with the Pacific Ocean. For the Big Blue has long been a source of light and levity for Southern Californians, and connecting with it is a daily practice for water-loving locals.

But when did you last commune with the Los Angeles River?

Have you paused to ponder its role in our city, not just in a physical, geographic sense, but where it fits in the grander and wider picture?

You'll have an art-amazing way to do just that, over several winter days to come, when River LA and experiential designer Mikhael Tara Garver bring an idea-rich event onto our screens and into our homes.

"Rio Records" will unite "... Los Angeles artists, culture, and community for a live, immersive journey along the past, present and future of the L.A. River."

Tunes, tales, and theatrical details aplenty will give at-home viewers a loving look at this city-wending ribbon of droplets and depth, creating a 70-minute journey.

It's not a journey that travels along the iconic urban river, from Point A to Point B, but through and around it, observing all aspects of its character and spirit.

The money raised from ticket sales will benefit River LA, which continues to work toward a brighter vision for this sublime stretch of wildlife-attracting goodness.

The organization advocates for "sustainable public spaces" related to the river, as well as energetic routes to involving the community.

"This isn't just an immersive experience or a fundraising campaign — we're excited to create something that reflects and feeds the creative soul of Los Angeles," said River LA board member and project lead Krisztina “Z” Holly.

"These challenging times call on us to create a new medium at the cutting edge of what innovation, art, and civic life can be."

Each performance will be limited to 100 guests. And adding to the auspicious, looking-forward nature of the happening? It all begins just days after 2021 begins, on Jan. 7.

The final show is Feb. 7, and tickets start at $25.

Communing with the ocean, the sky, the forest, the mountains? Everyone should find inspiration, beauty, and hope in all of the places they seek such ethereal and eternal gifts.

But let us remember the water that adds so much to the heart of Los Angeles, that prompts us to learn about our city, the people who have lived here and live here still, the waterway's benefits, and the birds and animals that return to it, each and every day.

Putting that to song and story feels just right as we move into 2021 with a better future in mind.

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