A New SoCal-Made Cookie Debuts, Just When We Need It

Chocolate and the Chip has a noshable dessert that is giving us some wintry vibes: Meet the Peanut Butter Spice Cookie.

Chocolate and the Chip/Ruta Lipskija/Nils Hendrik Mueller

What to Know

  • Chocolate and the Chip
  • Peanut Butter Spice Cookie; two pack for $4 or a dozen for $20
  • Order to pick up at Palms and Sepulveda on Jan. 10; shipping available, too

So many wintry tastes and flavors and ingredients show up as perfect pairings, the sort of duos that dazzle the taste buds.

Think egg nog and nutmeg or fruitcake and rum or sugar and plums.

And yet? There are those richer sweets and heartier foodstuffs that only ever rarely meet-up in the cake pan or cookie jar or sundae dish.

Take peanut butter and cinnamon, for example, two of the finest stand-alone flavors around.

Both components shine individually in cold-weather sweets, but it takes an imaginative baker to swirl these nutty and spicy elements together in a single sweet.

Southern California-based company Chocolate and the Chip has done just that in its new Peanut Butter Spice Cookie.

As for its January 2021 debut? A little tasty cheer as the year starts and this long winter continues is a welcome thing, indeed.

"Our brown butter peanut butter cookie base mixed with cinnamon chips will blow your mind and your taste buds. My favorite way to enjoy these on a cold winter morning is with a hot cup of coffee!," is the tempting word from the order site.

And speaking for ordering? You can purchase your cookies via an online form and pick 'em up at Palms and Sepulveda on Sunday, Jan. 10.

Or, happy days, Chocolate and the Chip ships, too.

If neither peanut butter nor cinnamon is your jam, there are other treats to peruse on the menu, like the Olive Oil Chocolate Chip Cookie, which just happens to be gluten-free.

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