A Pair of Spooky Swims to Splash in Santa Monica

An adults-only night, and a day designed for families, is ready to eek-up the Annenberg Community Beach House pool.

What to Know

  • Spooky Sunset Swim on Oct. 25 (adults only)
  • Spooky Splash on Oct. 27
  • $10 adult, $4 youth

Say what you will about what Los Angeles is like in late October.

You can say that Halloween mazes proliferate or that those trees that change color are starting to flirt with the concept. 

Both accurate.

But claiming that we won't suddenly weather a row of 90-degree days is to say you've never experienced fall in Southern California.

To address just this, and to help us keep it cool, the Annenberg Community Beach House pool is offering a pair of Spooky Swims, which combines both our caliente temperatures and the fact that Halloween is on fast approach.

The first Spooky Swim at the Santa Monica landmark is a Sunset Swim, on Friday night, Oct. 25. This is the one for grown-ups, so make sure the tots are well-babysat as you and your other spooky swimmers dip a toe into the beach-close pool.

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It's ten bucks, and the "spooky" part of the name is due to the presence of treats, and some tunes, too.

And on Oct. 27?

It's the Spooky Splash, which is for the kids and families and everyone looking to spend a sunny Sunday just steps from the sand.

Crafty happenings and "mini-carnival games" will be pool-adjacent, and, yep, costumes are a-ok.

Well, hold up. Costumes are fine for outside of the pool, but only swim attire is permitted in the water. Good? Yep. 

For other must-knows, rules, and such, splash over to the Annenberg Community Beach House pool site now. 

And consider this: While October is having its final warm-weather'd fun, November is nearly here, meaning that the popular pool will soon move to its wintertime schedule, which is built more around pop-up days.

In fact, the pool is officially closed for the season, making these special spooky events even, er... specialer? Spookier?

Okay, both of those things.

So get your pool time in now, while you can, and enjoy a dash of Halloween high jinks, while these October days continue to bring the heat.

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