A ‘Pandora's Box' to Creak Open at Halloween Horror Nights

The Universal Studios Hollywood maze will boast an original theme and scares aplenty.

What to Know

  • Opens Sept. 13 (fan preview night on Sept. 12)
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Tickets on sale now

"Don't go there," we're often warned, but it is common advice that we too often ignore.

We do, in fact, intend to "go there," wherever "there" may be, and if it involves doing something rather foolhardy, and stirring up a proverbial nest of something that should be stirred up, well, by gum, we're gonna, and that's that.

But coming upon a Pandora's Box?

As in, something that should remain sealed up, lest we unleash all sorts of scary elements into the world by unlocking it?

Anyone faced with such a fearsome object should really think that one over.

Best think soon, though, for a new maze, the tenth in the Halloween Horror Nights 2019 line-up, is going to invite visitors into a box o' baddies, via a visit to "Pandora's Cabinet of Curiosities."

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The maze's viciously vivacious vibe? Think "the dangerous back alleys of Victorian London."

The "merchandise" inside? Oh, you know, just some "occultist artifacts and forbidden relics." 

Let's hope none of the glass cabinets you tentatively walk by, the ones containing these frightful items, happen to swing open, all at once, when you happen to be close by.

Because truth? That would be a real Pandora's Box type of situation.

"Some doors are never meant to be opened," is a tagline for this original maze, which is called "The Curse of Pandora's Box."

And, yes, it has gone back to Greek myth for its inspiration, with, as was mentioned, a spin through long-ago London for an added fanciful flourish.

Halloween Horror Nights is known for creating freak-out mazes from some of the most famous franchises, with characters that every horror fan knows from their own nightmares.

It's a fresh slice of fearful fun, then, to have an all-new experience, one that takes you to an unknown place that you haven't called upon before.

Are you ready to "go there," and face what these cabinets may hold? Halloween Horror Nights opens at Universal Studios Hollywood on Sept. 13, with a fan preview night on Sept. 12.

Tickets? That particular box has already been opened: They're available now, in other words, so snatch yours faster than it takes a bunch of spooky stuff to escape whatever formerly locked box had been holding it tight.

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