Eagle Rock

A Pollination Party Blooms at Eagle Rock Brewery

Theodore Payne Foundation is a partner on the airy event, which will feature native plants and fine beers.

Alter_photo/Marcia Straub
  • Sunday, June 12 at Eagle Rock Brewery
  • 1 to 5 p.m.
  • Sip a brew and shop native plants from the Theodore Payne Foundation

Leafs and libations, flowers and flavor, blossoms and brews?

So many iconic sips start first in the garden, in a field, up in the trees, and all of the various places where petals open and blooms so beautifully burst.

Alighting upon an event that celebrates both the art of the craft beer and the plants that give so much to our yards and our planet, much like a Monarch butterfly gracefully alights on a sprig of milkweed?

That's not always easy, as flowery garden parties and bespoke brew bashes don't often intermingle.

They do, however, at Eagle Rock Brewery, which will once again partner with the Theodore Payne Foundation to present an afternoon of sunshine, suds, and the chance to shop for native plants.

It's the annual Pollination Party, and it festively flaps its pretty wings on Sunday, June 12, starting at 1 o'clock.

The 2022 theme is "native plants in food & beverage," indicating that, as in years past, there's an enlightening educational element to the fun 'n foamy day out.

Local Source, a fine beer brewed with plants provided by the Sun Valley-based foundation, is returning this summer, so expect it to be one of the sippable stars of the gathering.

If you'd like to know more about Theodore Payne Foundation, there are plenty of classes and events at the nursery, throughout the calendar, giving fans ample opportunity to flutter by.

This is also the foundation that provides the free Wildflower Hotline each spring, and devotes a weekend to celebrating the California poppy.

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