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A Santa-tastic ‘Christmas in July' Deal Will Soon Drive Out of Sight

SkyPark at Santa's Village is offering sparkly savings on the coming holiday season, but not for long.

SkyPark at Santa's Village

What to Know

  • SkyPark at Santa's Village (near Lake Arrowhead)
  • Christmas Experience VIP Boxes
  • Prices increase on Aug. 1, 2022

The month of July joyfully jumps around SkyPark at Santa's Village, which is understandable if you're familiar with the "SkyPark" part of the mountain attraction.

Adventurous biking, forest-fun hikes, and opportunities to picnic in the summer sun are popular pastimes at the destination, which has become famous for its clutch of quaint, North Pole-style buildings.

The iconic attraction debuted in 1955 and reopened, after a prolonged closure, in 2016.

But the Christmassy sector of the sweet spot — that would be the "Santa's Village" part — rarely waits for December to shake those jingle bells.

You can of course visit the adorable area during the warmer months, and enjoy special celebrations like Arrow's birthday, a big event earlier in July (Arrow is Santa's loyal dog, but then you surely knew that).

And if you want a little more magic, the sort of savings that look to the yuletide festivities soon to come?

There's a Christmas in July sale on now, through the end of the month, and the special VIP Christmas Experience box you'll receive brims with Claus-cool goodies.

A letter from Santa is included, as well as a VIP park entrance (yep, there's a skip-the-line feature with that option).

A session devoted to the decorating of cookies, yum, and a crafty workshop, fun, are also part of the colorful caboodle of fun 'n gifty finds.

And if you want to call upon the Lake Arrowhead-close location before Halloween arrives? There's a special pass in the box for that, too.

You can peruse all of the Christmas in July sale offerings here. An adult VIP experience is $129, while a VIP experience for a child is $119.

The deal's details are as plentiful as ornaments on a fir tree, so you'll want to read them all before purchasing.

But wait not, if your heart is set on finding outdoorsy yuletide merriment as 2022 draws to a close: Prices on the VIP box will go up starting on Aug. 1.

Just like Santa Claus "drove out of sight" at the conclusion of "A Visit From St. Nicholas," this offer will also fly, fly, fly away when July 2022 wraps.

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