A Six Flags Holiday Drive-Thru Boasts Seasonal Sparkle

Spin by oodles of bright bulbs at the vivaciously decorated Valencia theme park.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

What to Know

  • Through Jan. 3, 2021 at 26101 Magic Mountain Parkway in Valencia
  • The rides, shops, and eateries of the theme park are temporarily closed
  • Advance reservations are required; Tickets start at $20 (per person), and everyone in your vehicle needs a ticket.

Fast flight and super-duper speed are the adrenaline-producing hallmarks of the thrill rides found at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

And part of the thrill of taking a seat on such an accelerated attraction? The world, for a moment, moves to a more intense setting, one that propels us forward into the future (or at least it can feel like that is what happens).

So when the Valencia-based theme park takes a different approach, at least over a few brightly-bulb'd weeks, it can feel like a fresh spin on the sheer speed-a-tude that fans know so well.

And that freshness is now shimmering thanks to the Holiday in the Park Drive-thru Experience at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

First things first: "Drive-thru" is an important part of the name, so keep in mind that you'll need to stay in your car for the duration of your visit.

Also important to note: The thrill rides we alluded to earlier are still are temporarily closed, as are other park features. It is opening just for the Holiday in the Park Drive-thru but not its regular operations.

The ho, ho, goings-on that you'll see from your car?

You won't soar to the sky, much like when you're strapped into BATMAN The Ride or Full Throttle, but you will spy a host of holiday-themed areas, areas that are illuminated in all sorts of picture-pretty hues.

Holiday Square will feature festively faux snow and "hundreds of thousands of lights on trees," while the Gleampunk District will take on a ye olde steampunkian vibe. Other themed areas will bring plenty of panache and snap-a-picture opportunities.

The map tells the fascinating tale of where you'll go: Right by some of the rides, shops, and eateries you've enjoyed in the past.

Eager to have some eats to munch upon while you slowly motor? There are snack packs available, and, for sure, hot chocolate is part of the line-up.

A Holiday Merchandise Package gives you a few festive goodies to leave with, all so you'll have merry memories of this unusual season.

New nights were just added, too, but keep in mind that the extravaganza wraps on Jan. 3, 2021.

Just be sure you read all of the safety precautions and need-to-know info points before booking your advance ticket.

And, you bet: Online advance tickets are the only way to go for this glitterfest. Read more now, Six Flags fans, for the festive 411.

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