Two Batter-up Films Will Shine at the Drive-In

Rotary Club OC is showing two classics, at a pop-up drive-in, in partnership with The Frida Cinema.

Daniel Grill

What to Know

  • Brandman Arena in Orange
  • "The Sandlot" on Sept. 11 and “A League of Their Own" on Sept. 12; UPDATE: Field of Dreams" on Sept. 13 has been cancelled
  • $40 per car (plus fee)

How many pitches have been thrown on the silver screen?

For that matter, how many slides into second base have we seen, and line drives, and joyful, base-rounding jogs following a homerun?

If you know your baseball movies, all of your baseball movies, you might confidently answer "thousands" when it comes to on-screen pitches, slides, and homers, too.

For we do love our baseball movies, and have since movies began.

The green of the grass, the dirt of the diamond, the scene of roasted peanuts all seem to waft through the screen we're watching, all to tug at our heartstrings.

To celebrate this incredibly cinematic sport, and to raise money for the great acts of service performed by the Rotary Club OC, there are two baseball flicks coming to a pop-up drive-in.

The Frida Cinema, of Santa Ana, is a partner on the series, which will head up to the proverbial mound at the Mara Brandman Arena in Orange.

Each flick is ticketed separately, do note, so if you want do both, you'll need to buy separate entries to each of the nights.

"The Sandlot" is the Friday night treat, so break out your "You're killin' me, Smalls" quips and round up the kids. And "A League of Their Own" bravely goes to bat on Saturday night.

Do you need to plan your budget, so you can stock the glovebox with peanuts and popcorn? Your whole car gets into the drive-in screening for forty bucks, plus a fee.

As for what your admission helps? This is the uplifting word from Rotary Club OC:

"From beautification projects at Orange County schools, installation of new playground equipment, cooking and serving meals to our local homeless community, providing grants to local teachers and students, and providing dental clinics, sanitation, and solar power to locations as far as Guatemala and India, Rotary Club of Orange is part of a global network of more than 1.2 million volunteers whose work impacts lives at both the local and international levels."

Help out, spend a night with the fam, and revisit some classics that truly shine like diamonds, but not the diamonds we wear.

We're instead talking about the the dirt and raked variety, of course. And these diamonds represent the month of September, symbolically, to many fans of both of the game and of the famous movies that warmly and wonderfully love upon our national pastime.

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