A Wish-Making Installation Will Flower in LA

"Dandelions," a three-day immersive art event, is from the team behind Petal Drop LA.

What to Know

  • May 9, 11, and 12
  • A "facility south of downtown Los Angeles" (exact location to be revealed on May 8)
  • Free; some timed tickets will be available in advance, while walk-ins will also be available

Engaging in wishful thinking? We all do it, from time to time.

Making a wish? We definitely will, if we're walking by a wishing well or standing before a birthday cake. 

Wishing there was a place designed around wishes?

We can wish all we like, of course, but such places seem to only exist in storybooks. But, for three merry and mysterious days in May, such a hope-filled, intention-laden location will exist, in the form of the "Dandelions" pop-up.

"Los Angeles will experience a surge in wish production and fulfillment..." inspired by the immersive installation, which will blow into "a secret wish-processing facility south of downtown" on May 9, 11, and 12.

Blow like the florets of a dandelion head, if you'd like to get poetic about it, which you probably should, if you're thinking of attending the free event.

It's another whimsical happening created in the minds of The Art Department, the collective behind the Griffith Park Teahouse and Petal Drop LA and other immersion-oriented art events around town.

Remember the pretty petals that gently drifted down from a downtown window, carpeting the alley below?

Expect "Dandelions" to be as esoteric, beautiful, and brain-delighting. You'll call upon the Division of Small Things that Float on the Wind at the installation, which will hold "millions of delicate dandelion seeds grown and collective for the project."

The art collective behind this fantasy, as well as the previous pop-ups, remains anonymous, choosing instead to shine the full light on their intriguing projects, which touch upon themes of nature, industry, and imagination.

A few things to know before you enter full wish mode? Some timed tickets will be available in advance, while walk-ins will be okay, too.

The location will be revealed on May 8.

And there will be stairs at the "working industrial site," so you keep that in mind, as well as the fact that any visitor to "Dandelions" will need to be age 14 or older.

There's a dress code, too, due to the site, so read all before blowing to the location, like a dandelion floret blows on the wind.

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