A ‘Yuletide Cinemaland' Will Twinkle at Heritage Square

"Elf," "A Christmas Story," and other cinnamon-scented classics will unspool over several December dates. At the ho-ho-helm? Street Food Cinema.

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What to Know

  • Heritage Square Museum; Dec. 4-26, 2021
  • House tours, Santa sightings, photo opps, more
  • $40 general admission; $16 children ages 5-12; parking $10; VIP parking $25

There's no hard-and-firm rule that you need to wear a loud Christmas sweater by a particular date in December. You don't need to enjoy a peppermint stick just days after Thanksgiving ends, and piling tiny marshmallows atop a cup of cocoa?

No one will make you do that, even if the holidays are on the horizon.

But if you're a film fan with a festive streak, you're going to seek out the sparkliest cinematic bonbons well before the season truly goes into high and ho-ho gear.

Where better to connect with all of that cheerful, screen-based whimsy than a location that looks like it could have sprung from the cutest Christmas movie ever?

Street Food Cinema understands that a screening's setting can bring plenty of panache to a film-watching experience. This is the group that visits several of Southern California's parks over the summer, with live bands and food trucks in tow, and a cavalcade of quippy and quirky film classics.

Now those quippy and quirky film classics will have a holiday vibe, thanks to Yuletide Cinemaland, Street Food Cinema's Decembertime pop-up series at Heritage Square Museum.

The whimsical works, which include "Elf," "The Santa Clause," and "It's a Wonderful Life," will merrily roll out, on select nights, from Dec. 4 through 26, 2021.

The Tinsel Tavern Bar, a chance to meet Santa, sparkly spots for sweet snapshots, and, oh yes, peeks inside some of the property's famous Victorian abodes are the ribbons and bows on this particular package.

And speaking of those abodes, and the perfection of pairing Christmas movies with the old-time aura of Heritage Square... several of the films will feature century-old homes that look fairly similar to the elegant structures seen around the historic park.

The Bailey family's turreted manse in "It's a Wonderful Life," for example?

It would not be out of place at the real-life outdoor museum, which includes a number of ultra-ornate Victorian buildings, landmarks that were relocated decades ago to avoid demolishment.

If it's true that every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings, then surely seeing a film in a cinematic place fills a film fan with both cheer and grace.

So ring all the bells, angels of Los Angeles: It's nearly time for loud Christmas sweaters, peppermint sticks, and cocoa with marshmallows. And it is definitely time to secure your ticket to a Yuletide Cinemaland screening, if you're seeking an alfresco feast for all the festive senses.

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