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Act Fast, Then Stand Still, at This ‘Pageant'-Fun Tryout

Can you pose, statue-like, for several minutes? Here's your chance to join the world-famous "Pageant of the Masters."

Pageant of the Masters

What to Know

  • Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach
  • The outdoor spectacular will run nightly from July 7 through Sept. 2, 2022
  • Audition to appear "inside" a painting; tryouts are happening Jan. 14-16

Signs of warmer days are bursting out across Southern California, from the blooms appearing on the pink trees dotting our famous public gardens, to the early showings of desert wildflowers, to the announcement of a haunting summertime expo in Long Beach.

But more summery sweetnesses are materializing, including one that is doffing its fancy hat to Laguna Beach's world-famous, don't-move-a-muscle spectacular.

It's the Pageant of the Masters we're talking about, of course, the stage show that finds volunteers holding a pose, over an impressive amount of time, all to recreate a legendary painting or sculpture.

The talented performers are busily breathing, of course, but you'd be hard-pressed to see a single hair sway during the presentation of their particular artwork, which often goes on for a couple of thrilling minutes.

But finding those volunteers is an in-depth and interesting process that involves, yes, movement.

Aspiring stand-stillers must make their way to Laguna Beach each January to try out for a coveted part, and to learn more about the pageant, which is turning 90 in 2022.

If you're eager to give this rare opportunity a go, or rather a stop, or, er, at least an enthusiastic "stand still," auditions are happening from Jan. 14-16, 2022 at the Festival of Arts grounds in Laguna Beach.

The pageant people share this tidbit: Returning volunteers make up about 40% of a production's cast, typically.

"It is common to see several generations of the same family volunteering for different aspects of the show," shared Sharbie Higuchi, Festival of Arts Marketing/PR Director. 

"Not only is it a great way to spend your summer with friends and loved ones, but also, by volunteering for the Pageant, students can earn credit towards community service requirements."

Call it something high on many bucket lists around Orange County, and beyond, the chance to say you played the Mona Lisa, or David, or some other noble figure from art history, for a summer.

Of course, you'll need to be available to "become art" over dozens of summer nights, if you do accept your role.

Rush to this page now, then stay still and peruse all you need to know about this venerable Southern California tradition, which provides adventurous locals with one of the quirkiest performance opportunities around.

"So, what did you do over the summer of '22? Oh, you say you played a person in a painting for two months?"

Talk about having a sensational anecdote at the ready, for the rest of your life, and some pretty amazing memories to revisit, too.

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