Admire Kites on the Ocean Breeze

An uplifting Redondo Beach tradition will soon flutter above the waves.


What to Know

  • Sunday, March 8 from noon to 5 p.m.
  • Near Redondo Beach Pier
  • Free

The beginning of Daylight Saving Time, more than any other event, says quite clearly, and with enthusiasm, that spring and summer are drawing near.

It's an auspicious and even uplifting moment on the calendar, despite the fact that an hour goes "missing" along the way (don't worry; November's holding onto it for us).

How, though, to embrace the delightfulness and promise of DST, in a free and breezy way?

A free and breezy kite festival, at the beach, seems to possess all of the happy hallmarks of brighter nights, even as it takes place earlier in the day.

And the 46th Annual Festival of the Kite at Redondo Beach will get that earlier start on Sunday, March 8, at noon.

When it all ends, at 5 o'clock, guess what? Yep: It'll still be mighty sunny. Thank you, Daylight Saving Time. We're not even mad about that missing hour, really.

You don't have to show with your own kite to fly at the sandy celebration. Rather, you're welcome to simply stop by and watch the nylon, string-bound creations twirl and twist in the sky, with some clouds for backdrops.

Ah yes: We are heading into some wetter weather, but as we head into the first full weekend of March 2020, Sunday the 8th is showing some predicted sunshine.

But if you do show with a kite? There shall be prizes, hurrah. Best Handmade Kite is one category, as well as Youngest and Youngest-at-Heart.

And if your kite flies the very highest? You'll be recognized for that offbeat achievement.

Ready for the #springfeels, even before winter officially wraps up? This up-in-the-sky scene is one of SoCal's most venerable and vibrant.

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