Adoptable Pups Will Deliver Golden Road Beer to Your Door

The cute canine campaign, which is spotlighting both animal rescue and the company's Hazy Pup IPA, kicks off on National Dog Day.

Zane Roessell

What to Know

  • Aug. 27-29, noon to 4 p.m.
  • Two six packs of Hazy Pup IPA, a Golden Road discount, and "more fun surprises" will arrive at your door ($50 donation)
  • There's a Puppy Party at the Wags & Walks Adoption Center on Aug. 26 (you can pick up your Hazy IPA there)

Where exactly have you met woofers in the past, in terms of locations that might predictably be counted on to boast adorable doggage?

The dog park, yes. Adoption fairs, absolutely. Your friend's yard? That's happened. A pop-up pup parade? We're always so fortunate when we find ourselves watching such a sweet stroll.

But you've probably never received a beer delivery from a dog before, we'll wager, and if such an unusual happening has long been on your wish list, you won't need to wish much longer.

For National Dog Day is trotting this way, and Golden Road Brewing has brewed up a campaign that's worth raising a pint, and a joyful bark, over.

The sudsy scoop? Fans of the brewing company's Hazy Pup IPA's can order delivery beer over three frolicsome, Fido-delightful days.

The beer will be delivered directly to the brew buff's doorstep from Aug. 27-29, along with some special guest stars in tow: adoptable dogs from rescue organization Wags & Walks.

Wags & Walks has partnered with Golden Road Brewing, which has become known for supporting animal causes and events at its Glendale-based brewery and other locations, to help get some of these cuties homes during the pandemic.

And if these cuties can make a beer run with a Golden Road employee? That just might be the matchmaking that's required.

How does it work?

"For a donation of $50, fans will receive: two 6-packs of Hazy Pup, a Golden Road discount code, and more fun surprises," revealed the LA beer maker, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2021.

But don't raise a howl if you can't have a tail-wagger trot up to your front door right now; there's a Puppy Party at the Wags & Walks adoption center on Aug. 26.

And, yes, you can pick up your Hazy Pup IPA there, too, if you've ordered ahead. And, for sure, proceeds from Hazy Pup help animals in need all year long.

Safety protocols will be followed at the adoption center, so please arrive with your face covering and know that social distancing will be observed.

"While sales of Hazy Pup will support the rescue, locals can also show their support by visiting to join Wags & Walk’s first ever virtual auction to celebrate 10 years of rescuing dogs in need across LA."

For more on this novel way to help humans meet hounds needing homes, click.

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