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All-Ages Workshops Share Art- and Music-Making Inspo

The 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica will spotlight musicians, artists, dancers, and filmmakers in a series of free Zoom classes.

18th Street Arts Center

What to Know

  • 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica (temporarily shuttered)
  • All-ages online art and music courses (many are all-ages, some are for kids)
  • Begins April 15, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11 a.m. on Zoom

Prompts that encourage us to create, make, discover, and help our inner artist/musician/thinker to flower with power?

Many of us are keeping an eye out for inspiration these stay-at-home days. Friends want to know "what we're working on," if we have a new hobby, or if we're finally letting our creativity find its full voice.

There are artists eager to accompany us on that journey of discovery and awesomeness, including the artists spotlighted by the 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica.

The center's new Arts Learning Lab @ Home series begins on Zoom on April 15, and will continue into June each Wednesday and Friday at 11 in the morning.

The spirited, fun-finding sessions will take on jazz drumming with percussionist Shirazette Tinnin (yep, you'll want to find "drums" in your kitchen cupboards, and beyond, for your music-making) and Intro to Monster Movement with performance duo Beck + Col.

Joining in? You will. Being an active participant? That's at the heart of this #SaferatHome series.

"The workshops will be taught in both English and Spanish for those teachers that are bilingual, and will be live translated in closed captioning in both English and Spanish to increase accessibility," shared a center representative.

Complementing the creative doer vibe is an online film festival, one that focuses on the notion of "play" and what it means. Look for the films to launch on April 29, with a few days of cinematic treats from Southern California and Latin America.

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