American Cinematheque Will Bring Films to the Los Feliz 3

The film-loving group, which has long delivered eclectic programming to Hollywood and Santa Monica, is alighting in a new neighborhood.

American Cinematheque

What to Know

  • The film organization will bring screenings, talks, and more to the cinema starting in "late July"
  • The Los Feliz Three is located at 1822 N. Vermont Ave.
  • American Cinematheque has helmed a long residency at The Egyptian in Hollywood and The Aero in Santa Monica

Wrapping yourself up in the wonders of a beautiful and stirring cinematic experience?

That can happen in so many places, of course, and in a variety of ways. You can follow a screening by reading an interview with a director or you can locate a short documentary about the movie's production, all to learn more.

American Cinematheque, though, has been making that delightful deep dive into a film's world so easy and effortless for film goers for 35 years.

The "Los Angeles based non-profit, member-supported cultural organization" has long been "...dedicated exclusively to the public presentation of the moving image in all its forms," with panels, Q&As, special surprises, and fun fests adding oomph to the group's calendar.

Now, after bringing countless hours of cinematic pleasure to audiences at The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood and The Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, American Cinematheque has a new neighborhood in its sights: Los Feliz.

Specifically, the celluloid-loving collective will begin programming at the Los Feliz 3, the lovely theater at the heart of the Vermont Avenue's neighborhood-y bustle, in "late July."

American Cinematheque members will soon be savoring "new and repertory films, live Q&As, AC guest programmers and partners," and more, plus reel-to-reel 35mm projection.

Look for multiple showings rolling each and every day on a single large screen.And with 144 seats, the theater will have a somewhat intimate air, but without the snugness of a screening room-style space.

For more on this residency, which was announced on May 19, visit the American Cinematheque site now. Good to know? Vintage Cinemas, the theater's operator, is the film group's partner on this exciting new venture.

Oh yes, and here's something sweet and soon for westsiders to anticipate: The Aero reopens with a members-only screening of "In the Heights" on June 10.

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