‘American Horror Story' to Haunt HHN

Follow the goosepimple-inducing series? Find the characters you know and eek out over at Universal Studios Hollywood.

To say that horror films and scary television are exactly alike is not quite true.

After all, we frequently watch big-screen fright flicks alongside a crowd, while a night at home, in our den, before the glowing television, can be a solitary and spooky pursuit.

And few series in recent memory have done more to macabre-up our TV rooms than "American Horror Story." The FX, Ryan Murphy-helmed award-winner, which just wrapped its fifth season, has kept true to the aim to eek out TV viewers in a startling, spine-tingling fashion.

Now that eeking out is coming to real life via Halloween Horror Nights, which just revealed that it is making the "American Horror Story" universe a part of the 2016 walk-through experience at Universal Studios Hollywood.

A trio of stories taken from the series will take root and grow through the maze like so many terrifying tendrils growing up the wall of a haunted house. Past tales from the series will make cameos in the maze's storyline, as well as the home from season one, the not-so-peaceful abode that started it all.

Will you encounter a certain clown along the way? Mmm. The less said here the better, don't you think? Surprise is at the sinister heart of a successful scary series.

But definitely count on entering tableaux from the show, the scenes and rooms you might recognize (and long to recoil from, once you see where you are, but, alas, you'll already be inside).

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Halloween Horror Nights has already revealed a number of its 2016 scream-loud experiences, from the holiday-themed "Krampus" to "The Exorcist" to "Freddy vs. Jason" to "Halloween" to "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." 

Do you need a few weeks to prepare to face such fright icons in the flesh? Start revving up that courage pronto: Halloween Horror Nights debuts on Friday, Sept. 16.

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