‘America's Largest Sand Sculpture' Rises at Citadel Outlets

"The Landmarks of the World" will be on view at the shopping center's Center Court from July 1 through Labor Day.


What to Know

  • On view from July 1-Labor Day, 2021
  • View it for free at the shopping center's Central Court
  • The Sand Sculpture Company is behind the 350-ton artwork

Molding the perfect parapet, designing the ultimate drawbridge, making a moat that can stand up to especially salty H2O?

There's a lot of planning, plotting, and playful improvisation that goes into the creation of a castle, specifically the sort of fanciful fortress that's made of sand.

But what if you faced the task of shaping 350 tons of sand, rather than the gloriously gritty stuff found in a single damp bucket? What if you had to fashion a sand sculpture that stood around 20 feet tall, and measured some 36 feet across, with several celebrated landmarks at the sculpture's center?

That's rather more challenging, and time-consuming, then sticking a twig or shell atop a sand castle's tiny tower and calling it complete.

But the artists at the Sand Sculpture Company know their sandy stuff well. So well, in fact, that an ephemeral artwork that's being called "America's Largest Sand Sculpture" will be unveiled at Citadel Outlets.

Unveiled, that is, after about 500 hours of construction time.

This gritty grandeur will go on view at the shopping center's Central Court on July 1, and remain on display through Labor Day 2021.

The sculpture's title is "The Landmarks of the World," and famous destinations from around the globe will be depicted, from the Eiffel Tower to the Colosseum.

Fourteen semi-trucks delivered ton after ton of sand to the Citadel Outlets, which is located about six miles southeast of Downtown Los Angeles.

The process is notably more involved than our ocean-close castle-focused fun.

The first step? The stacking of large wooden boxes filled with sand that's been machine-packed (if you visualize a wedding cake, you're in the right area).

After a solidifying process, which takes "about two weeks," the carving commences at the top tier, while the sculpting of the base happens near the end.

Oh yes: And a "sealant to ward off erosion and rain" is the finishing touch.

"This is by far one of the most remarkable displays we've ever hosted at Citadel Outlets," said David Blagg, general manager, Citadel Outlets.

"We are thrilled to partner with the Sand Sculpture Company, which holds eight Guinness World Records in sand sculpting, to create this display for our guests to enjoy this summer. Traveling the world is difficult for many reasons right now and we’re hoping once the final sculpture is completed, we will be able to transport shoppers to various travel destinations through this astonishing monument."

If you've been to Citadel Outlets around the holidays, you know the shop-lined location has long been home to the World's Tallest Live-Cut Christmas Tree and the World's Biggest Bow, a sparkly, ribbon-like decoration that sits atop the center for several weeks near the end of the year.

So hosting a sizeable sand sculpture? This feels right for a place that's known for its prodigious-of-size spectacles.

Spectacles, will add, that are all free to see. The new sand sculpture will be free to admire, as well, when it debuts on July 1.

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