An Ice Cream Favorite Emerges From the Vault

Salt & Straw's Salted Caramel Cupcake, which was first churned some eight years ago, is making a limited-time return.

Salt & Straw

What to Know

  • Salted Caramel Cupcake returns to Salt & Straw scoop shops
  • All March long
  • Anaheim, Venice, Larchmont, Arts District...

What sort of important items you might find inside a vault? If you were to find the vault's combination and heave its heavy door open?

You might come across stacks of important documents from a long-ago era. Perhaps drawers filled with jewelry and gems. And you might gasp at seeing the occasional mysterious key or two (or so the movies have led us to believe).

But ice cream? It wouldn't do too well in a traditional vault, which tends to not be kept at freezing temperatures. The goodie would quickly melt everywhere, and get all of those important documents and necklaces pretty darn gooey.

Salt & Straw, the ice cream company that got its tasty start in Portland back in the aughts, and is now found across Southern California, does have a vault of sorts, a place where flavors go to "chill" before they are possibly, maybe, fingers-crossed summoned for sequel.

And the company's super-popular Salted Caramel Cupcake was just called back to the flavorful field for an all-March-long return to the scoop counter.

Indeed, this flavor, which debuted in 2012, arrived near the start of the salted caramel craze, a candy-cookie-everything trend which hasn't yet let up. Which makes this ice cream an early and tempting entry on the salted caramel family tree of treats.

Does it have full-on "hunks" of chocolate cake? Affirmative. A frosting that's redolent of salted caramel? Confirmed. Fancy fleur de sel? It would hardly seem like a splendid salted caramel confection without it.

If you're a salted caramel completest, meaning you can never pass up a salted caramel anything, but you have ever had one of the OG desserts, you've got all March to finish your frosty mission, at your nearest Salt & Straw.

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