An Indie Cinema Is Offering Curbside Concessions

Order your popcorn, candy, and wine from The Art Theatre in Long Beach, pick it up outside, and savor it at home.

The Art Theatre

What to Know

  • Saturday, Feb. 13 from 2-4 p.m.
  • 2025 E. 4th Street in Long Beach
  • If you miss the curbside concessions pop-up, you can help the theater in other ways by donating, buying a seat, or buying a gift card

Queueing at a concessions stand is a singular experience, and one that any movie maven with a near-constant hankering for cinematic munchies instantly understands.

You're likely detecting the scent of fresh popcorn in the air while you wait. You're probably checking out the posters and standees nearby, the ones promoting upcoming releases.

And catching snippets of the debates being held by your fellow film fans? That's plausible, too, as you wait for your soda and snack.

The Art Theatre of Long Beach understands that adventures at the concessions counter can be as quintessential as the chomping-while-watching-a-movie experience.

And the cinema's staffers are helping the landmark's devoted fans still find that fun, even while the independent cinema remains temporarily closed.

How? By offering curbside concessions.

That's correct: You can pick up popcorn, M&Ms, Toblerone, and wine, all to enjoy at home.

And the headliner of this particular production?

You can also order gift cards in advance, for future film dates at the gem-showing venue. T-shirts, too, are available, so you can show the world your affection for great indie cinema.

You'll want to order your goodies in advance, and the pick-up window? It's scheduled for 2 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 13.

The timing of the outdoor pick-up pop-up is perfect if you're planning on throwing a cherished romcom VHS in the ol' VCR in honor of Valentine's Eve.

Whatever you'll be watching this weekend, you can help out a local Long Beach favorite, an arthouse that has treated the community to so many terrific silver-screen stories over so many years.

Nope, you won't be able to be at the indoor concessions counter, looking at movie posters and eavesdropping on film conversations, but you will be able to show your enduring support for a super SoCal cinema.

Missed the window for ordering? You can still help The Art Theatre in other important ways. Start here to find out how.

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