Animal Kindness Is the Theme of This Kid-Cool Poster Contest

The "Be Kind to Animals Week" poster contest, helmed by Pasadena Humane, spotlights a critter-caring campaign.

Pasadena Humane

What to Know

  • Kids can enter the contest through April 23, 2021; Be Kind to Animals Week begins on May 2
  • Three categories: Grades 2-5, 6-8, 9-12
  • Prizes include Pasadena Humane socks and swag

Animals aren't going to draw their own posters, even if you gave them a pack of crayons, and some thick paper, and even a few idea prompts.

For the beasties we love best are notably busy living life, whether they're making a nest on a branch outside your kitchen window, running on their favorite wheel, or plumping the couch cushions for an extra-satisfying nap.

But we animal-loving humans?

We can pick up a crayon, a pen, a pencil whenever we'd like. And we can draw attention to Be Kind to Animals Week, which begins on May 2.

The celebration, which was created by the American Humane Association, has been around for well over a century (it began in 1915).

The purpose of the kindness campaign? To "encourage compassion to animals," a statement very much supported by Pasadena Humane, which is hosting an art contest for kids.

So if you were to ask the young animal fan or fans in your household what that means, how would they meaningfully express that on a piece of paper?

Find out now, through April 23, for the Be Kind to Animals Week Poster Contest is open and ready for submissions.

There are three categories for students to enter — grades 2-5, 6-8, 9-12 — and prizes include Pasadena Humane socks and other goodies. Oh yes: A gift certificate to the Pasadena Humane Merchandise Store, worth $25, is also included.

There are a few things to know about before your animal-focused artist proceeds.

If they're drawing a pet, they'll want to include something in their illustration that shows the pet is wearing identification.

And if your in-house animal champion is looking beyond the home to the critters that live in our arroyos, canyons, and parks?

"Winning entries will illustrate positive interactions with wildlife," says the Pasadena Humane team.

Do read the rules on this page, and get important information on how to submit before the Friday, April 23 deadline.

Spring is springing, and we may be spending more uplifting time in nature, or the natural spaces near our homes.

And, yes, on chillier April mornings, we're snuggling with our cat, our dog, our guinea pig on the couch, the rug, or their special play corner.

It's the ideal time for a young person to take on an important art project, one that has an important message, and perhaps win some tail-wagging swag from the caring Crown City animal center.

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