Animal Services Just Made Finding a Furry Friend Easier

A new search function, one that focuses on animals currently in foster care, has been added to the department's site.

LA Animal Services

What to Know

  • LA Animal Services site
  • You can now see animals currently in foster care, in addition to shelter pets
  • Over 300+ animals are in foster care as of mid-May in LA

The things that are especially easy, when it comes to loving a tail-swishing, whisker-rubbing, tongue-lapping, wet-nosed cuddler?

Refilling the water bowl is easy. Making sure your cutie's go-to toy is in good shape, and not too gnawed upon, is easy. Keeping their favorite blankie clean? So easy.

And now meeting your potential soul mate, of the four-footed variety, has gotten truly easy, thanks to a fresh feature on the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services site.

It's a new pet search function that gives potential pet parents the chance to view animals that are in foster care, a service that will offer "... a more extensive list" of the cats, dogs, and other critters needing forever homes.

"Prior to the new pet search, only shelter guests in our Animal Services Centers were viewable on our site. The addition of the pets in foster care now allows the public to see animals currently in foster who are also available for adoption," reveals the department.

As for how many pets are in foster care at any one time?

The number is sizable: Right now over 300 felines and Fidos are in temporary homes, awaiting a permanent placement.

“When animals are in foster, we are able to gain valuable information about these wonderful animals from their foster families, like whether these pets enjoy being with children, other dogs or cats in the home as well as their personalities and activity levels – would they make great running and hiking partners or prefer to hang out and binge watch with owners on the latest shows," shared Brenda Barnette, the general manager at LA Animal Services.

"These kinds of insights are helpful to know when looking to place our companion animals with permanent families.”

Check out the new way to go deeper into your search for a couch-cuddling, spirits-raising, true-blue buddy now.

Finding that friend just got easier, as easy as washing a blankie, cleaning a toy, or refilling a water bowl. Sweet.

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