Holiday Lights

‘Animals Aglow' to Put a Fresh Spin on the LA Zoo's Holiday Lights

Cool critters will add color, beauty, and glow to the animal park over several chilly weeks.

Jamie Pham

What to Know

  • "LA Zoo Lights: Animals Aglow" shimmers from Nov. 18, 2022 to Jan. 22, 2023
  • $34 and up for adults; $27 and up for children
  • Oversized lanterns shaped like cool critters, seasonal treats, festive VIP events, and special photo opportunities are all a playful part of this family favorite

Encountering a real chameleon, flamingo, or dragonfly can be an uplifting, memory-making, feel-the-magic experience.

You're sure to pause and marvel at the insect's fanciful flittering or a flamingo's regal flair or a reptile's ability to shimmy, with style, along a branch.

But something that won't be part of the experience? The critter will not be colossal nor will they be awash in intense shades of iridescent shimmer.

There is, however, an enchanting place where the beasties are big and lit by gorgeous bulbs, all to give people seeking seasonal splendor a little winter-style magic. It's the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, which will once again feature an illuminated evening adventure as the holidays begin.

There's a twist in 2022, with a new show ready to get glowing: It's called "LA Zoo Lights: Animals Aglow," and it will feature a luminous line-up of large lanterns that look like crocodiles, birds, and bugs, too.

Several displays are animated, and a few are interactive, with various hues adding an incandescent element to the trees, pretty paths lined with cherry blossoms, and a wisteria-whimsical tunnel, too (there's a light fountain at the end, neat).

See a few of the splendid and bright sculptures from the upcoming event by following the glow below...

Jamie Pham
"LA Zoo Lights: Animals Aglow" will delight visitors to the Griffith Park animal park in the weeks ahead.
Jamie Pham
The after-dark happening will run from Nov. 19, 2022 through Jan. 22, 2023.
Jamie Pham
Tickets start at $27 for a child's admission and $34 for an adult.
Jamie Pham
A sensory-inclusive evening is scheduled for Nov. 30. A New Year's Eve family event is also on the schedule.
Jamie Pham
Festive photo opportunities, wintry goodies like hot cocoa, special happy hours, and other delightful details will festoon "Animals Aglow."

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