Annenberg Community Pool: Final Weekend

Splash your last splash for '17, for the Santa Monica swim spot is winding down.

William Short Photography

There isn't a Southern Californian around who would dare make the easily disprovable claim that our wintertime only consists of foggy mornings, chilly afternoons, and evenings that have you reaching for your heavier coat.

For we've all experienced a January day that felt more like July, and few Angelenos stow the tank tops and sundresses in the back of the drawer after summer ends.

And yet? Summer does wrap up, and temperatures grow generally cooler, and the Annenberg Community Beach House swimming pool must bid its fans adieu, at least for the time being.

Which is all to say this: Break out the sundresses, tank tops, and swim trunks, for the landmark Santa Monica pool, a pool you do not need a membership to enjoy, is riding a wave into its final weekend of the season.

The dates? Saturday, Sept. 30 and Sunday, Oct. 1, so get there and get to backstroking, or doing the butterfly, or giggling with your pals, or doing what you do when you're in a pool.

A few things:

There is admission, so note that. Noted? Good.

There is still a Sunset Swim evening to come, on Friday, Oct. 13, for the 18-and-over crowd.

And the COAST Open Streets Festival, in Santa Monica, cycles on Sunday, Oct. 1, and if the idea of savoring some cycling on car-free streets and a little farewell splish-splash appeals, you can absolutely put together that itinerary.

January may soon deliver a couple of hot days, and even a few pop-up pool events, too.

But consider the season vamoosed, wrapped up, and nearly done at the Annenberg Community Beach House swimming pool, a beachside bliss spot enjoyed by oodles of Angelenos, all summer long.

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