Announced: Make Music Pasadena Line-Up

Sir Sly, Kishi Bashi, and How to Dress Well headline the June 6 show.

How many seconds pass between the announcement for a major concert's line-up and you texting your pal -- or vice versa -- about who will pony up the dough for tickets? Forty seconds? Ten seconds?

Such a conversation does not need to take place around Make Music Pasadena. Yes, it is a huge concert, with some 50,000-plus people attending, and the talked-about bands are all on the up-and-coming-and-tomorrowing-and-sooning.

But the twist? It's free. The Junetime show, which closes down a large chunk of Old Pasadena and its streets, is, in fact, billed as "the West Coast's largest free music festival." This isn't simply measured in the many, many attendees, though the size of the audience makes the size of other audiences for other things look wee by comparison. 

There are also the 30-plus venues to consider, from the mega-sized stage on Colorado Boulevard to Levitt Pavilion to local pubs and coffeehouses.

Yep, 50,000-plus attendees, 30-plus venues. There's a lot of "-plus" when it comes to the sound spectacular.

As for the line-up for the Saturday, June 6 show, which was zinged around the internet on Monday, April 6? Kishi Bashi, How to Dress Well, Sir Sly, Lydia Ainsworth, Nick Waterhouse, Hundred Waters, and other acts shall stage it up, from pub to pavilion to the heart of Old Pasadena's biggest thoroughfare.

Other to-knows? Make Music Pasadena is twelve hours long. That feels worthy of a "-plus," too. It's just big, is all.

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Now, just because you and your pal don't need to figure out the money sitch, and who needs to actually do the buying of the tickets, doesn't mean you don't need to decide a dozen other things about the day, with transportation to and from the Crown City way, way up on the list.

But the Gold Line goes there, and from there, too, so that seems like a good choice. Otherwise you'll be looking for a parking spot among your 50,000-plus nearest-and-dearest. Best put all of your emotions, thoughts, and enthusiasm into enjoying all of that gratis music.

Full line-up? It's here.

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