Aquarium Smile: Sea Lion Selfie Stick

Join Milo as he gives Aquarium of the Pacific fans a look around his updated digs.

If you have a friend who recently overhauled her bathroom, well, who better to ask for a tour of its fresh pluses and perks than the friend herself?

Likewise, if your co-worker has added a vegetable garden to his yard, you'll likely ask him for a behind-the-scenes peek, the better to get a sense of the layout, space, and general vibe.

The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach had just this sort of goal in mind when keepers handed a very special aquarium denizen a selfie stick a few days back.

And who better to go to for an in-depth look of the recently remodeled Sea Lion and Seal Exhibit than one of the whiskery, flipper-boasting residents? (Answer: No one is better.)

That resident, Milo, gamely accepted his mission, and the selfie stick, and headed out for a romp-sweet, splash-laden look at the exhibit, giving pinniped fans an interesting take as to what the sea lions are seeing. (Yep, Milo is a sea lion, and not a seal.)

Some cute pics came out of the day, but so did on-the-move glimpses of the exhibit's fresh mural and the upper deck, the window-wide spot where sea lion lovers and seal aficionados can watch the antics of their favorite beasties.

What did Milo think mastering technology? He didn't say, but he did hold the selfie stick in his mouth with skill and aplomb. Perhaps he thought of it as a new toy? Well, humans often think of their new selfie sticks as toys, in a sense, so we want to believe Milo thought the same.

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Video? It's as cute as the photos, with the added benefit of a dip below the waveline. 

Our on-land selfie sticks aren't often submerged in water, but, then again, we don't usually hand our equipment over to sea lions, to do with what they will.

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