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Calendars 2009: Zombie Pinups

A calendar that highlights a year’s worth of “bloody gore-geous” ladies. Campy? Oh, yes.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    My Zombie Pinup
    Count down 2009 with the lovely undead ladies of the My Zombie Pinup calendar.

    Why settle for a boring old swimsuit calendar when you can tack 12 months of undead hotties on your wall?

    Like Vargas girls who've had a nasty run-in with the clan from 28 Days Later, the ladies of the 2009 My Zombie Pinup calendar are all curvy and coy and girl-next-door-esque, until you notice that, say, perky Miss June has a gash on her chest, or Miss April seems to be bobbing for apples… floating in something that apples don't usually float in. Whether you own every Troma movie ever released, love the 1950s slasher-flick aesthetic or just have a twisted sense of humor, this calendar - shot entirely in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park - is guaranteed to make you happy every single gory month of the new year. Available (but selling fast) for $35 at

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