ArtNight Pasadena Parties on, Virtually and Vivaciously

The twice-a-year affair gives everyone free museum access and so much more; now it is headed online, with its spirits high.

ArtNight Pasadena

What to Know

  • Friday, Oct. 23 at 6 p.m.
  • Free
  • Latin jazz, dance performances, live weaving, short films, more

If you find yourself on Colorado Boulevard, and it is the middle of March or the middle of October, chances are strong that you'll hear music in the distance, or see a dance performance through a gallery window, or spy a few food trucks serving happy diners, or come across a group heading to a nearby museum.

And chances are equally strong that you're standing in the merry middle of ArtNight Pasadena, the colossal come-together that serves as the Crown City's "signature cultural event."

It's the free, twice-a-year happening that both spotlights and celebrates the artists of the area, and the galleries, bookstores, authors, and museums, too.

As for those museums?

Admission is waived during ArtNight Pasadena, and revelers wander hither and yon, soaking in the ideas, paintings, conversations, and other mind-growing goodies on the packed-to-overflowing schedule.

The ArtNight Pasadena in March was set to happen just days before the pandemic closures began.

It quickly and understandably cancelled its festivities, and many fans looked to October to see what sort of treats the team behind the sublime, spend-nothing soirée might have in the works.

Be cheered, for ArtNight Pasadena is happily happening as a virtual festivity on Friday, Oct. 23.

It all begins at 6 o'clock, and at-home fans should plan for Latin jazz performances, salsa dancing, live weaving, a Los Jornaleros del Norte set, tales and crafts presented by Pasadena Central Library, and Ikebana flower arranging.

Participating organizations include A Room to Create, USC Pacific Asia Museum, Shumei Arts Council, Art Center College of Design, and Light Bringer Project.

It's a bounty of Pasadena-based cultural amazingness, and that it is all making the journey to where each of us live, for free, via our screens, is an uplifting thing, indeed.

We can't wait to return to ramble along Raymond again, or take an Old Town amble along some historic alley, all to see what the next gallery, literary salon, or pop-up sidewalk string section has in store.

It's a beautiful and free event that shines on, even after a sudden stop days before its springtime engagement.

Warm up your screen on Oct. 23, and be prepared for a cornucopia of Pasadena delights of the coolest and cultural-iest variety.

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