‘Ash vs Evil Dead': Halloween Horror Nights Maze

The undead comedy-action Starz series will make its fall-frightful debut at Universal Studios Hollywood.

There are plenty of offbeat hyphenates in Hollywood, as everyone knows, but not all of them fall into the actor-director-chef-masseuse-acrobat territory.

Oftentimes movies and television series will walk the hyphen-rocking route, and while some are quite traditional — think drama-romance or action-adventure — others land squarely inside the "so rare as to almost never be seen" category.

"The Evil Dead"verse more than qualifies here, for while the comedy-horror classic, which will turn 40 in just a few years, has inspired a host of other eeks-and-laffers, few unEvilDeadian properties have risen to its Bruce-Campbell-ian level of charisma, sheer cheek, and enduring fame.

The newest incarnation, with a spooky spotlight on the "carn" part, is "Ash vs Evil Dead" from Starz, a Lionsgate company. While the show, which is filled with a caboodle of chaos-delivering, soul-taking Deadites as well as a band of bantering, sometimes bumbling, sometimes way-cool humans, has had two seasons thus far, it has not yet made its macabre debut at Halloween Horror Nights.

That will all change starting on Friday, Sept. 15 when the first-ever "Ash vs Evil Dead" maze opens as part of the annual Universal Studios Hollywood autumntime scream-summoning spectacular.

The theme park made the announcement on Wednesday, July 26.

As is tradition with the oh-so-successful seasonal maze-travaganza, few details of what fans will experience are released in advance, but aficionados of Ash Williams can expect to enter the eternally possessed Elk Grove, Michigan cabin seen in the series. The cabin, yes, with the don't-go-down-there basement, as well as a host of other in-the-walls, through-the-windows frights.

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"Ash vs Evil Dead" isn't the first maze reveal of the 2017, as followers of the anticipated HHN announcements know. It joins "American Horror Story: Roanoke" and "The Shining" on the ever-growing line-up of dare-to-enter mazes ahead.

And, of course, Halloween Horror Nights is also home to the Terror Tram, atmospheric performances, and glowering monsters roaming the theme park after dark.

There isn't much comedy to be found in the horror genre, but when satire or wry laughs do make an appearance, it can make for a heightened entertainment experience, one that "The Evil Dead" stories have been delivering since that first visit to the cabin in the woods back in 1981.

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