August Is Member Appreciation Month at LA Zoo

The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association has deals, perks, and other treats for members. Plus? You can score a discount on a new membership.


What to Know

  • The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association is offering members BOGO coupons, gift shop discounts, and more
  • New members will receive a 10% discount on any membership level (code required)
  • Use the discount code ZOOFUN21 online through Aug. 31 to save 10% on a new zoo membership

You and your fur-loving fam? Including your kids, who are mad about snouts, crazy for claws, and super-fans for anything that's covered with feathers?

Getting your fill of mane-rocking, whisker-sweet, ultra-cute critters has never, ever truly happened, not if you're an animal aficionado, through and through.

For even if you visit a zoo and behold a hundred magnificent beasties in a day, or double that number, you'll still leave wishing you'd spied one more flamingo, another koala, and a porcupine or two.

How to cure those we-can-never-get-enough-animal-amazingness blues? By going the membership route at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

For holding a member card to the Griffith Park destination means more animals, more often, throughout the critter-cool calendar.

Further? There are benefits to being an insider at the LA Zoo, including perks, discounts, special treats, fun wearables, and such.

And several of those perks and discounts are on fabulous display in August, much in the way that a peacock shows off his fancy feathers. For August is Member Appreciation Month at the LA Zoo, and the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association has several goodies in store for its card-carrying guests.

Those include coupons, a 10% discount, every August weekday, at the International Marketplace gift shops, as well as "... a chance to win Safari Shuttle tickets (weekends only), animal print bandanas, plush animals, tote bags, microfiber cleaning cloths, snake puzzles, and so much more!"

Are you a zoo member?

Be sure to enjoy these gratitude-filled goodies during the eighth month, which really are very much about appreciating how you help out the zoo and its important missions.

But wait: You say you aren't a member and you'd like to be? There is still a discount to enjoy and it is a biggie. GLAZA has a join-in-August, save-10-percent deal on now.

Sign up online, use ZOOFUN21 as your code, and enjoy 10% off your new membership fee.

And hoot hoot: That 10% off is good for any level of membership, so be sure to peruse all and see what fits your nature-obsessed, wildlife-loving household the best.

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