Azulé Taqueria Now Has Taco Kits and Taco Boxes

The Santa Monica eatery is giving taco-ists two ways to enjoy their favorite meal, on Taco Tuesday or any day of the week.

Azulé Taqueria

What to Know

  • Santa Monica
  • Taco Boxes have 10 tacos for $25
  • Taco Kits have all the taco makings for $40

Of the many light-hearted mysteries in life, a puzzler of piquant proportions remains: Why hasn't Taco Tuesday, as a concept, spread to the other days of the week?

Because we all know Taco Mondays could actually be a Thing, a flavorful phenomenon, something everyone has to participate in, in absolutely no time at all.

But here's the thing: You don't have to wait for Taco Monday or Taco Thursday or Taco Saturday Afternoon to be a Thing with everyone else.

You can start it yourself, just because you want to, and finding an easy way to begin this new tradition isn't hard at all.

Azulé Taqueria in Santa Monica can help you launch your own Taco Thursday or Taco Friday tradition in two ways.

The eat-'em-fast way?

For that, there's a Taco Box, which involves "10 tacos of choice" for $25. They're already made, constructed, topped with cheeses and good things, and ready for your to chow down.

The put-'em-together-at-home way?

For that, there's the Taco Kit. It offers taco-ers all of the ingredients separately, so you can put as much salsa or cheese or meat into your tortilla as you like, or as little.

That's forty bucks.

There are a few other options that savorily spin off from the Taco Box and Taco Kit routes, including a Burrito Box and a housemade Michelada Kit. There's a Sabe Blanco Margarita Kit, too, for twenty four dollars (it's 32 ounces).

For all the choices, how you'll pick 'em up or have them delivered, and more on the Social Eats spot, click.

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