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Bake Bread for St. Patrick's Day via This Free Online Class

Irish soda bread is in the Institute of Culinary Education's March spotlight, as are tasty chive and cheddar scones.


What to Know

  • Monday, March 15 at 9 a.m. PST
  • Institute of Culinary Education (the institute's Los Angeles and New York City branches are temporarily closed to in-person instruction)
  • Irish soda bread and chive & cheddar scones; instruction is free but you'll need to have the ingredients and tools

Irish soda bread?

Oh yum: It's a bounty of bready bliss that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

A toasted slice gooey with apple butter in October, French toast in January, croutons in June: Call this carb-y classic a hearty hunk of goodness that always delivers, whatever month we're occupying.

But if that month happens to be March?

You can count on sweet signs of soda bread popping up, from your store's bakery aisle to the boulangerie down the street.

Because many people do crave a fresh slice, or four or five, when it is time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day on March 17.

If you're hoping to do the same, but you'd also like to learn just how to make Irish soda bread, so you can savor that skill well beyond March, here's something happy: The Institute of Culinary Education is offering a free online class, one that will put this filling, slice-ready superstar in the spotlight.

And even better: The class is happening two days ahead of the holiday, on March 15, giving you time to bake a loaf or two before your celebratory March 17 supper.

There's another bread-excellent element to the class: Chive and cheddar scones will also be on the delicious docket.

While the instruction is free, you'll want to have the ingredients and tools at the ready.

Chef Vicki Wells is leading the Zoom course, and you'll need to register in advance.

The Monday morning class? It's all kicking off at 9 a.m. PST on March 15, so call it a beautiful and breadful start to St. Patrick's Day Week.

The culinary school has locations in Los Angeles and New York City, but note that both spots are temporarily closed to in-person instruction.

But there are a host of virtual classes to consider, including some that are completely complimentary to join.

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