Basketball Doughnuts Return to Trejo's

Honor the Clippers and the Lakers with a playoffs-ready pastry or two from Trejo's Coffee & Donuts.

Trejo's Coffee & Donuts

What to Know

  • Through Sunday, Aug. 23
  • $3.25 per doughnut
  • 6785 Santa Monica Boulevard

A sinker?

It's a common and charming colloquialism for a doughnut, specifically the kind of doughnut you like to sink in a cup of coffee. Though sink it too long, you should not, for any doughnut worth its crumbs will begin to break apart in the warm liquid in a matter of seconds.

Sinking a basket?

It's a most excellent skill that many basketball fans admire.

One moment a favorite player is dribbling down the court, and the next? The ball is plunging through the hoop with acceleration, a sink-it-speedily kind of move.

How, though, to enjoy a sinker while you watch basketball pros sink baskets?

By lining up a few frosting-luscious goodies from Trejo's Coffee & Donuts before the NBA playoffs begin.

For the popular doughnuts themed to the Los Angeles Clippers and to the Los Angeles Lakers, too, have returned to the shop, just in time for people to cheer along at home (cheer, that is, when they're not taking another bite of doughy deliciousness).

When you take a bite, what will you find inside?

Strawberry jam with buttermilk glaze is the sweet vibe of the Lakers doughnut while the Clippers doughnut features a buttermilk-frosted shell and vanilla pastry doughnut filled with jam (it's strawberry, yum).

Each doughnut is $3.25.

Are these true coffee-dunking sinkers, given their frosting and glaze? Perhaps not, but we can devour them while watching our favorite athletes sinking shot after shot in the playoffs.

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