Be Haunted at a Ghostly Victorian Holiday Experience

"Chained: A Victorian Nightmare" puts you in the middle of a not-so-merry but timeless seasonal tale, with immersive imagination.

What to Know

  • Select December dates
  • $40
  • 1655 Beverly Boulevard

While a number of Ebenezer Scrooge's classic chestnuts are repeated by fans each year come December, the line that encapsulates "A Christmas Carol," at least for many aficionados of the Charles Dickens tale, is spoken by Marley's ghost.

"Mankind was my business," rattles the wraith, giving readers a deep and reflective look as to what is at the beating heart of the iconic yuletide yarn.

What if you could visit a Victorian-era world to ponder that life-important topic, all while being guided by a host of ghosts, spirits that are quietly but insistently eager for you to ponder what's at the center of the season?

You can, via a Victorian "nightmare" that is debuting at GreatCo on Beverly Boulevard, not far from downtown, on Friday, Nov. 30.

"Chained: A Victorian Nightmare" finds elegant inspiration in what is inarguably the most famous fable of Christmastime, but gives room for the original story to take on the imprint of the leading role player.

That would be you, in this imaginative immersive experience.

With a combination of colorful sets, at-the-forefront motion-capture technology, lush VR-created worlds, and talented actors who ably encapsulate an ethereal otherworldliness, "Chained" not only brings the story to life, but welcomes you to step into the shoes of the person taking the life-look-back journey.

Unlike some immersive experiences, which put you in charge of the action, even as the story runs on a loosely held-to rail, this is a singly enjoyed event.

Which means that, yes, you alone must enter to face any phantoms, real or from your past.

A ticket is $40, and time slots are already being gobbled up faster than a turkey leg on Christmas night. More tickets will be released, with an ultimate final date of Jan. 6, 2019.

MMM Immersive, which worked on Jon Favreau's "Gnomes & Goblins" as well as other nifty projects, is the future-forward outfit behind "Chained: A Victorian Nightmare."

And if you saw "Legion" at Comic-Con International in 2017, then you know the work of Justin Denton, the director and writer behind "Chained," which finds a producer in Ethan Stearns, another pioneering creator in the world of immersive entertainment.

The one-of-a-kind seasonal spectacular, which runs over 20 minutes per person, is expected to float, with ghost-like charm, into several other cities soon.

But Los Angeles, playing ye olde London in your VR headset, is first.

Dare you face a raft of phantoms as you contemplate the actions of your life? Step inside a fantasy that is filled with Victorian imagery and magic and the chance to venture to a deeper place, not in the past, but inside you.

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