Be in the Snow About Mountain High's Opening Day

Special giveaways and other happenings are ahead for the snowboarder paradise.

What to Know

  • Saturday, Nov. 23
  • DJ, live performance, giveaways
  • $69 on-site lift tickets

The weather, much of the time, has a knack for changing incrementally. 

One moment? The air is still. Next? A chill breeze is lightly ruffling your hair.

But there's nothing incremental about the notion that there'll be several months where you can't schuss down a slope and then, suddenly, the day arrives where you can.

Mountain High, the "closest winter resort" to Los Angeles, is going to welcome winter, a month ahead of time, when it opens on Saturday, Nov. 23.

DJs, live music, giveaways, and other festive happenings will fill the big, bundle-up kick-off.

A kick-off that is likely to be on the cooler side, given the mid-week snowfall our Southern California peaks are currently experiencing.

Fans of the hot-dogging destination will notice a number of buff-ups: "Over $1 million was allocated to upgrades throughout the resort this year, including improved snowmaking capablities, new family-friendly sledding, and snowplay parks, rental equipment upgrades, and terrain park features."

The third Yeti Snow Park is set for its reveal, giving visitors the chance to tromp along a snowshoe trail and try out a sledding zone.

As for the snowplay zones? Look for lots of frosty fun to be had, as well as some sweeping, photo-ready vistas.

And additional Sno-Go snow bikes have been added to Mountain High's rental roster.

A lift ticket for Opening Day? You can buy it there, for $69.

Simply going up to enjoy a little winter while fall still reigns? That's fun to do, too.

And the trip isn't all that long; Mountain High is just about 90 minutes from DTLA, meaning you can city-it-up in the morning, ride at noon, and, if you so desire, head back to downtown for an afternoon coffee, well before sundown.

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